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Baku Museum’s Tour

  • 1 Day
  • 55 USD
Baku Museum’s Tour

Baku Museum’s Tour

Carpet weaving in Azerbaijan dates back more than 3000 years and plays a huge part in the local identity. Each region produces their own patterns and designs in a tradition once passed down generations. The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum along Baku Boulevard has two claims to fame: the architecture and the displays. In Azerbaijan has a famous carpet artist. The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum collect ancient and modern style carpets .

Museum of Miniature Books Baku Museum of Miniature Book is the only museum of miniature book in the worldwide. Museum of Miniature books founded in 2002. ..All books collected by famous painter Tahir Salahov’s sister Zarifa Salahova during 30 year. This Collection consist of 6500 books from 64 countries of world. There are rare editions of Chukovsk , Barto , Gogol, Dostoyevsky , works of Pushkin in the fund of museum.

Azerbaijan State Museum of Art

The most extensive collection of art in Baku is on display in the State Museum of Art. First opening in 1936, the collection today includes more than 3000 items across 60 rooms inside two buildings. Exhibits include paintings and sculptures from Azerbaijani, Russian and European artists.

Independence Museum of Azerbaijan

Anyone who’s interested in Soviet-style museums will appreciate the Independence Museum. Displays have propaganda elements covering early 20th-century history through the Soviet times to Azerbaijan’s independence in 1991. Other sections describe the recent Karabakh conflict. Most displays are in either Azeri or Russian, and having a guide may be essential to appreciate the artefacts


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