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Baku Yanardag and Atesgah Tour

  • 3 night 4 day
  • 139 USD
Baku Yanardag and Atesgah Tour

Baku Yanardag and Atesgah Tour

The Yanardag meaning is burning mountain. Yanardag located in Azerbaijan’s Absheron Peninsula. A side effect of the country's plentiful natural gas reserves, which sometimes leak to the surface, Yanar Dag is one of several spontaneously occurring fires to have fascinated and frightened travelers to Azerbaijan over the millennia. Atesgah For a deeper insight into Azerbaijan's history of fire worship, visitors should head east of Baku to Ateshgah Fire Temple. "Since ancient times, they think that [their] god is here," says our guide, as we enter the pentagonal complex which was built in the 17th and 18th century by Indian settlers in Baku. Fire rituals at this site date back to the 10th century or earlier. The name Ateshgah comes from the Persian for "home of fire" and the centerpiece of the complex is a cupola-topped altar shrine, built upon a natural gas vent.


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Guide in different languages
Transfer services from airport to hotel
Visit historical places
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